cylindrical lenses are used to correct astigmatism in the eye and in rangefinders, to produce astigmatism,

tretching a point of light into a line, they are widely used in bar code scanning, projection optics systems, 
laser measurement systems and holography.
cylindrical lenses are available in either plano-concave or plano-convex configurations from foctek,
plano-concave lenses have a negative focal length and are used for image reduction or to spread light
plano-convex lenses have a positive focal length, which makes them ideal for collecting and focusing light
for many imaging applications.



attribute specification
typical material on request, for example bk7, k9, fused silica, sf10, etc
diameter tolerance (mm) ±0.2 (general), ±0.05 (high precision)
focal length tolerance (mm) ±2%
centration <3 arc min
surface figure x (per 25mm@632.8nm) λ/2 (general), λ/4 (high precision)
surface figure x (per 25mm@632.8nm) 2λ (general),  λ (high precision)
surface quality 60/40 (general), 10/5 (high precision)
bevel (face width x 450) <0.2-0.5mm (general), 0.05-0.2 (high precision)
coating unpon request
note: call for oem cylindrical lens.

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